The Complete RV Travel Planner
 Will help you PLAN your RV travel, ORGANIZE your campground reservations & SIMPLIFY your RV life by having everything in one convenient place! 

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just have all of your travel plans in one place... instead of on sticky notes or in random notebooks here and there or even if you aren't a 'paper planner?

What if you could....

  • Save time by not having to come up with your own cheat sheets or organization methods.  
  • Have more fun in your travels because your travel planning has become easier and more efficient. 

Online planners only have you create your routes and list your campgrounds. The Complete RV Travel Planner helps you with every phase of your travel plan.

What would your mind & travels look like if you could:

Have space to plan ALL of your travels not just your RV trips?

 Have room for RV planning and LIFE in one place?

 See at a glance whether you have made reservations or not

Save time by not having to come up with your own cheat sheets or methods.

Eliminate having to carry additional items with you needed to plan and make trips

Experience travel planning that is easier and more efficient

Build your bucket list from ideas others give you while sitting around the campfire.

Use the Your Next Reservation Log to 'shop' your next stop.

Refer to the places you've been again and again!

 The Your Next Reservation Log is a game changer for your travel planning....you will be delighted to get all the info about the campground the 'first time', eliminating calls back to the campground.

This Planner is for you, even if you like to be more 

spontaneous in your travels.

Three simple steps to planning RV Travel





Step-by-step instructions + video tutorials included!

Printing & Assembling Your PDF Planner

Using the RV Info Section

Using the Travel & Destinations Section

Using the RV Life Section

Using the Planning Ahead Section

The Best Pens for Travel Planning

...to make the most of your RV Travel Planner

"Travel planning isn't about limiting spontaneity, but rather being intentional about where you want to travel and what you want to see while you are at your destinations!"  ~Luann Street

This planner is for you if....

You like your plans written down...doing it 'old school"

You desire detailed travel plans at your fingertips

You want to share travel plans with your travel partner without having to keep telling them everything.

You like to hold your plans in your hands instead of having your plans only in 'the cloud'

You don't like being reliant on the internet for your travel plans.

You want the best and most inclusive planner out there.

Take a look what’s inside...
Your Next Reservation Log
Included are two-page weekly spreads to plan out daily activities and 9 Your Next Reservation Logs for each month. 
 Use this helpful form to ‘shop' your campgrounds to find one that is right for you and your family. Get answers to the questions that matter when you are camping & compare to find the best fit for your destination goal.

Bucket List Fun
As you travel, you always meet others that have been to places and experienced things you want to. 
So we designed a part of the planner for you to record those ideas & destinations you don't want to forget! 
 In this handy section just put the idea in the appropriate state so you won't forget to visit when you get to that state!

RV Maintenance Tracker

Track your RV Maintenance every year with this handy tracker included in every RV Travel Planner

Monthly 2-Page Calendar
Use this 2-page UNDATED calendar to big picture plan and use the handy corner blocks to check off the nights you already have reserved and be able to see at a glance what is left to schedule.
Travel Expense Log
Track all of your travel expenses with the invaluable log that is in each monthly section. 
 Track everything related to your current trip or all of your full-time RV life.
 Items to track include fuel, mileage, campground fees, propane and so much more!

And so many more RV specific travel planning pages!

Spend more time RVing & less time travel planning!

"This is the BEST thing we have bought for the RV..."

Thank you so very much for organizing and publishing this planner....I love it!

RV Traveler
It's an incredible resource
We are horrible planners....but this right here has changed everything! We are on the road to planning the best year of our life! This planner helps you remember all the things you need to when planning a trip and keeps everything together, instead of spread all over phone lists, post it notes and random notebooks.

Tami - Techno RV
Full-time RVer
"I can't wait to see what they will create next...
This is a great product. I purchased the PDF format. It's well thought out & has a ton of pages that are just what I needed to add to our planning notebook! Since it was a download, it was instantly available. I had some questions before purchasing and the creators was quick to respond and very helpful.

Happy RVer
Happy Travel Planner

My absolute favorite part is the Your Next Reservation Log.

 It has everything on the page that we need.

Happy Traveler

Last summer, we traveled 7,629 miles over 5 months and 2 days. Our planner was an ENORMOUS help!

"You have created an incredible must-have for all RVers."

You have created an incredible must-have for all RVers. You have even covered areas I had not thought about!

Happy Travel Planner User
"With this, everything is in one place and easy to get to!"
This planner contains things that I never thought of! 

It eliminated the need to carry additional materials needed to plan and take trips.  

With this, everything is in one place and easy to get to!

Satisfied Travel Planner User
"I can't wait to see what they will create next...
This is a great product. I purchased the PDF format. It's well thought out & has a ton of pages that are just what I needed to add to our planning notebook! Since it was a download, it was instantly available. I had some questions before purchasing and the creators was quick to respond and very helpful.

Happy RVer

Hey, I'm Luann!

I am passionate about helping people who want to travel, design an RV life they love!

I have been a free-timer AND a full-timer with her husband, Bryan, for five years. I am now learning to RV solo. 

This is one of many products I have created that enhance the RV lifestyle: 

-The Complete RV Travel Planner 

Others include:

-Your Next RV Destination Membership 

-The Full-time RV Framework 

-Trading Stuff for Memories Downsizing System 

-The RV Buying Method digital course

Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • What format does the planner come in?
    The 8.5″ X 11″ planner is available in 2 versions:

    1. A PDF download that you can print yourself.

    2. A spiral-bound version with laminated covers & inherent monthly tabs.

    You get to pick the one that is right for you!
  • What are the dimensions?
    The planner is an 8.5″ X 11″ page size when printed. The spiral version is 9.7″ X 11.2″ that includes the spiral.
  • How much is shipping?
    If you order a spiral-bound version of the planner, shipping is $5 using Media Mail in the continental US.

    There is an option in the checkout cart to choose 2-day shipping using FedEx One for $10.00.

    There's a down arrow as the default icon but I like to experiment with emojis instead and hide the default down arrow by making it the same color as the background.
    If you ordered the PDF version, you will be able to download it immediately from the email you get right after purchasing.

    If you ordered a printed version you will get it in 7-10 Business days when shipped via USPS Media Mail.

    If you chose FedEX ONE in the checkout cart you will get it in 2 days.

    Image below: (beach)
    Source: Photo by fillvlad from Pexels
    Link: https://www.pexels.com/photo/fence-next-to-path-on-mountain-by-sea-10278313/
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Physical books have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee from the date of order. The refund policy is limited to books that are not consumed and are returned in perfect condition less $5.00 restocking fee. If a physical book is damaged upon receipt, we will happily replace the damaged book – free of charge.

    Digital books or PDF products have no refund policy because of the nature of digital content.
  • I live outside the US. How can I get the planner?
    Please email hello@streetswander.com to figure out the best way to get you the planner of your choice!

A Planner To Help You Travel Better

The Complete RV Travel Planner will take the frustration out of planning & organizing your RV travel and keep track of important travel information…..all at your fingertips.

You will feel the travel planning stress melt away when you start using your RV Travel Planner

Follow the planner’s planning and organization system to guarantee peace of mind that you know where you are going and what to do next.

Release the frustration of disorganization with the planner's unique features.

Create clear travel goals for each year and use the planner’s unique framework to reserve your campgrounds when and where you want to go.

—don't miss out on YOUr Next DEStination—
The #1 Must-Have Tools for Your RV Life

You will save so much time and headache by getting your RV travel plans all in one place!  

This will eliminate the frustration of not being organized and missing out on the place you really (really, really) wanted to go because you waited too late, and now the campground is full.  

What are you waiting for?  It's UNdated...you can start anytime!

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